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Rick Imperiale founded Uniplan in 1984. Similar to today, Uniplan provided diversified portfolio strategies to wealthy individuals, small companies, and institutions. At that time, Rick was running core strategies with asset allocations tailored to each client – and he was including REITs. Rick’s quantitative modeling and client portfolios revealed that the REIT allocations were enhancing performance and reducing portfolio volatility. The REIT strategy is one of four alternative investment strategies that Uniplan has introduced.

Uniplan launched one of the first REIT strategies

There was a rapidly-growing appetite for style-based multi-manager portfolios during the late 80s and early 90s. Rick was one step ahead of the market. Rather than joining the ranks of large cap value, small cap growth, and their ilk, Rick carved out Uniplan’s niche in alternative asset classes. REITs had proven to be a useful tool for diversification, income, and total return, and in 1989 Uniplan became one of the first investment managers to offer a REIT separate account strategy.

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The Micro Cap strategy – like venture capital with liquidity

Style-based core strategies became a dime a dozen as every large asset manager wanted to fill their boxes. Uniplan had no interest in competing for core assets and had the right resources and model for another alternative investment strategy – micro caps. The Micro Cap strategy launched in 1999.

While REITs provided investors access to the commercial real estate, micro caps provided exposure to dynamic new companies that would typically be targeted by venture capitalists. While there are significant differences between REITs and micro caps, they share some of the same benefits when added to a core portfolio. Due to their relatively low correlations to core asset classes, they provide immediate diversification. That diversification, combined with their total return potential, move client portfolios out on the efficient frontier. Of course, micro caps also have growth potential that few asset classes can match.

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High Income Total Return – a tactical mix of income-producing asset classes

REITs are a great source of income because they are required to distribute 90% or more of their income directly to investors. As Uniplan recognized the growing number of investors looking to harvest regular income from their investments, the High Income Total Return strategy was born in 2001.

High Income Total Return (HITR) is a mix of income-producing assets. The portfolio management team adjusts allocations over time based on the relative valuation of the asset classes. There is a core component of the strategy that includes dividend-paying common stocks and fixed income. REITs, master limited partnerships (MLPs), and other securities are included for additional diversification and income. The result is a flexible combination of core and alternative investments that work together to deliver income and total return in a risk-controlled framework.

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The Uniplan investment team – experienced and specialized

Rick Imperiale serves as the Chief Investment Officer for all four Uniplan strategies. Rick has been analyzing companies and devising portfolio strategies in various asset classes since 1980. He has written Real Estate Investment Trusts: New Strategies for Portfolio Management and The Micro Cap Investor: Strategies for Making Big Returns in Small Companies.

Rick relies on his team of specialists at Uniplan to help with the day-to-day management of the strategies. Each strategy has at least one co-portfolio manager that works with research analysts, traders, and quantitative analysts. In total, there are 10 investment professionals at Uniplan with more than 200 years of total investment experience.

Few, if any, other investment companies bring these types of resources to alternative investment strategies.

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Uniplan supports our advisors and home office partners

Uniplan gratefully relies on advisors and consultants to explain the benefits of alternative strategies to investors. Kris Jamison has been introducing Uniplan to the marketplace since 2003. In 2010, he was named Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of Uniplan. Kris is the central contact for all of Uniplan’s business partners – and he eagerly responds to questions and requests.

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Uniplan’s alternative investment strategies – the source for diversification, income, and growth

Uniplan has a long history of providing alternative investment strategies that have significantly enhanced core holdings. They will continue to serve sophisticated advisors and consultants that use Uniplan strategies to move client portfolios out on the efficient frontier.